T-Mobile US Announces Bold Move: Cutting 5,000 Jobs

The job reductions are scheduled to occur over the next five weeks and will focus on positions in corporate, back-office, and certain technology roles, as communicated by CEO Mike Sievert in an email to staff.

T-Mobile US Announces Bold Move: Cutting 5,000 Jobs

T-Mobile US has announced its intention to reduce its workforce in the United States by nearly 5,000 positions, equating to approximately 7% of its total employees. The telecommunications behemoth announced this decision on Thursday in response to the growing difficulties brought on by higher customer acquisition costs.

These job reductions are slated to take place within the upcoming five weeks, with a specific focus on corporate roles and certain positions within the technology sector. CEO Mike Sievert conveyed this information to employees via email.

It is important to note that the retail and consumer care divisions within the company will remain unaffected by these workforce changes.

Additionally, the company is preparing for a pre-tax charge of approximately $450 million during the third quarter.

During early trading, the company’s stock saw a decline of around 0.4%.

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