“Surprise Baby Arrival: Heart-Shaped Birthmark Revealed! You Won’t Believe What Happened!”

Actor Chad Michael Murray and his spouse, Sarah Roemer, are thrilled to announce the arrival of their third child, a beautiful baby girl. They shared this wonderful news on social media on August 19, 2023. Murray, known for his appearances in various Hallmark movies since 2018, and Roemer celebrated their daughter’s birth, which came with a special and unique feature—a tiny birthmark on her ankle shaped like a heart.

Sarah Roemer posted a heartwarming picture of this distinctive birthmark on her Instagram account. She expressed her emotions, saying, “Our little angel graced us with her presence last week, and she came bearing a heart-shaped birthmark on her ankle.”

In her post, she tagged her husband and added, “Our hearts are overflowing with love! 💕 We are savoring every precious moment with our adorable bundle of joy as time seems to pass by all too quickly.”

Chad Michael Murray Celebrates Arrival of Third Child: ‘Heart Full’

Murray, renowned for his roles in Hallmark classics like “Road to Christmas” and “Love in Winterland,” as well as his iconic stint on the TV series “One Tree Hill,” enthusiastically shared his wife’s Instagram post on his Stories.

He expressed his genuine emotion with a heartfelt caption, saying, “My heart is overflowing. #Family ❤️ She’s finally arrived!”

Murray and Roemer made the decision to keep their pregnancy a secret until just a few weeks before welcoming their third child. On July 8, Murray shared a heartwarming Instagram picture of Roemer cradling her growing baby bump while admiring herself in a full-length mirror.

In a playful tone, he wrote, “Baby #3 on the way…❤️ Anyone have any recommendations for the latest baby gadgets? Since our last one, it has been a while.

As reported by Today, Murray and Roemer exchanged vows in 2015 and already have two other children—a son born in 2015 and a daughter in 2017. The couple has chosen to maintain the privacy of their children’s names.

On the very day they disclosed the impending arrival of their third child, Murray posted another heartwarming Instagram video, showcasing cherished family moments.

As an affectionate father, he expressed, “We journey through life as a close-knit wolf pack—this little one has already experienced so much of the world, and she’s not even born yet:) Grateful to mama for carrying our pack, quite literally! 💪❤️💪 Soon, you’ll spot us at an airport near you—a family of five! 😳 I can almost hear it now—’Uh oh, here come the Murrays’ 😂😂😂”

Chad Michael Murray is Juggling His Family & New Movie

HallmarkMinka Kelly and Chad Michael Murray in Hallmark’s “The Beach House”

Murray has found himself occupied with both his growing family and multiple acting commitments, leaving some of his dedicated Hallmark fans wondering if he’ll ever return to the network.

After gaining fame through “One Tree Hill,” Murray shifted his focus primarily to romantic comedies and made his Hallmark debut in 2018, starring alongside Andie MacDowell and Minka Kelly in “The Beach House.” His most recent appearance on Hallmark screens was in August 2021 with the movie “Sand Dollar Cove,” and as of now, there haven’t been any official announcements regarding future Hallmark projects. This may be due, at least in part, to his busy schedule with other ventures.

Currently, Murray takes on a leading role in the TV series “Sullivan’s Crossing,” which has already aired in Canada and earned a spot on The CW’s fall schedule in the United States, as reported by Deadline. The series has been met with success in Canada and has already secured renewal for a second season in both countries.

In April, Murray wrapped up filming for a Netflix original romantic comedy titled “Mother of the Bride,” where he shares the screen with notable names like Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove, and Benjamin Bratt, as reported by BuzzFeed. While a release date has yet to be announced, fans can eagerly anticipate this exciting project.

In addition, People magazine reported on July 12 that Murray had finished shooting “Christmas on Windmill Way,” a new Great American Family film slated for the 2023 holiday season. Christa Taylor Brown, who portrayed “Wynonna Earp” in the movie, is a co-star in this uplifting one.

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